Description of product:

The warranty applies to concrete masonry and landscaping products manufactured by Permacon Group, a division of Oldcastle Building Products Canada, Inc. (hereinafter “Permacon”) and intended for residential use only (excluding the Be.On Stone products download Be.On Stone warranty [Esplanade products, Hemmingford products, Esplanade Tandem wall] and Permapro products). 


Definition of warranty:

Permacon hereby guarantees that, on the date of delivery, its concrete products are free from manufacturing defect. In addition, all Permacon products meet or exceed the current applicable standards set by the CSA (Canadian Standards Association), ASTM (American Standards for Testing Materials) and the B.N.Q. (Bureau de Normalisation du Québec). 

Under the strict condition that the provisions stated hereinafter are complied with, Permacon guarantees the structural integrity of its concrete landscaping and masonry products, for a period of fifty (50) years from de date of purchase of the product. 

The warranty applies to normal, non abusive use of the work. It covers any abnormal deterioration of surfaces that may be caused by the use of sodium chloride (NaCl) for de-icing pavers, slabs, or steps. 


Warranty exclusion:

The warranty does not apply to spalling or other breakages caused by impacts, abrasions or over stressing. The warranty does not apply when deterioration results from design or installations not complying with applicable codes, standards and recognized work procedures. 

The warranty also does not apply to impacts by snow removal equipment deemed abusive. Therefore, the owner is responsible in protecting the snow removal equipment in order to minimize the potential impact to the concrete products. 

This warranty does not apply to any damage resulting from an act of God or other damage to concrete products that may result from deliberate act or negligence on the part of the customer, owner of the building, installer or any third party.


Implementation of warranty:

In the event of a claim, the Customer must present a valid proof of purchase, namely the invoice, delivery slips or Permacon product identification sticker from the pallet. Permacon will supply, free of charge, a new product in replacement of the defective one if necessary, following inspection of the product by Permacon or one of its representatives or agents. Installation expenses remain the responsibility of the Customer. 



The warranty is transferable to the current owner or to any subsequent owner of the building or the job, on condition that it is accompanied by a valid proof of purchase.