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Professional Support
Professional Support


Hatch pattern library for AutoCAD® & AutoCAD LT®

Permacon provides to CAD software users a complete hatch pattern collection easy to install and to use with AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT and compatible software.

In no time, you can offer your customers a graphic presentation of all the different Permacon products designs (residential landscaping, ICI landscaping and masonry).

Click below to open the hatch pattern guide (.pdf format) .

View hatching pattern (pdf format)

View Hatching Patterns Residential Landscaping (pdf format)
View Hatching Patterns Urban Landscaping Pavers (pdf format)
View Hatching Pattern Masonry (pdf format)

To install the Permacon hatch pattern library for your CAD software, please run the Windows install programs below. Please read carefully the instructions that will appear on the screen during the installation for more information. For CAD users on Mac® OSx®, please download the .zip files and follow the instructions in the included licence.rtf text file to manually install the hatch pattern files.


Hatching Patterns Residential Landscaping Permacon 2018 AutoCAD
Hatching Patterns Masonry Permacon 2018 AutoCAD
Hatching Patterns Urban Landscaping Pavers Permacon 2018 AutoCAD


Hatching Patterns Residential Landscaping Permacon 2018 AutoCAD/MAC
Hatching Patterns Masonry Permacon 2018 AutoCAD/MAC
Hatching Patterns Urban Landscaping Pavers Permacon 2018 AutoCAD/MAC

Seamless Textures for SketchUp®, AutoCAD® 
and other presentation software

Click the links below to have an overview of the Permacon product’s seamless texture library in .PDF format: 

View the landscape textures
View the masonry textures 

You can also download all the Permacon textures and use them in most software that accepts graphics formats for publication as a sample of the product, or in other 3D applications using the concept of texture mapping. 

The Permacon seamless textures are available in two formats:.SKM for SketchUp and .BMP for software such as: AutoCAD, 3D Studio, Revit, PhotoShop or DynaSCAPE DS|Sketch3D. 

To install the textures library for Windows, download and install the Windows installer by clicking the links below. Then follow the instructions displayed during the Setup execution. 

Download the installation program for Windows (Landscaping) 
Download the installation program for Windows (Masonry) 

To install the library of textures in the Windows environment, download and install the installer by clicking the links below. Then follow the instructions displayed during Setup execution. 

For Mac® OS X® users, please download the .zip files and follow the instructions in the included licence.rtf text file to manually install the texture library.

Download Permacon textures for MAC
Download Masonry Permacon textures for MAC

The Project Planner

Help your clients define their projects as precisely as possible and make sure the final results measure up to their dreams and expectations. 

Permacon has developed this Project Planner to help guide your clients through the preparatory stage. It deals with dimensions, style and budget.

Download file

Design Ideas Guide

Download immediately more than 40 Plans, Design Ideas and Details

Download our design ideas PDF file



Information and support for professionals from our engineering department

Permacon offers you the opportunity to obtain full technical support with respect to the use of all of our products. 

Our professional staff is available to provide you with all the necessary information concerning our products and their use. 

For retaining walls we can provide you with preliminary cross-sections as well as cross-sections for construction use. Permacon technical support can provided your with a personalize typical cross-section in connection with the specification of your wall. Send a request to OnlineSupport mentioning "request for a Cross-Section for construction." 

For our other products, we can supply technical data sheets, standard specifications, case studies, budget cost estimates, installation information, samples, etc. 

Permacon has a full research and development department that can assist you with all of your needs, including special applications, new colours, different formats and modifications to our existing products. 

Insofar as quality control is concerned, the engineers and technicians in our central laboratory perform periodic testing on all of our products to insure that they meet the strict manufacturing standards of CSA and BNQ, which are among the highest in the industry. For commercial projects, certificates of conformity can be provided to attest to the consistent quality of our products. 

Permacon is and will continue to be the best resource for professionals for prefabricated concrete products for masonry and landscaping applications.

Technical Guide

Download the technical and installation guides

2018 Installation Guide, Landscape Products

Urban Landscaping Technical Manual

Installation Guide Terrablok II Wall

Technical Guide Masonry

Tandem Fast Calculator

Typical cross-section for construction

Download many products’ typical cross-section for construction: 

Generics typical cross section for construction (pavers, slabs, walls) 

Download PDF
Download .dwg files

Grande wall typical cross section for construction 

Download PDF
Download .dwg files

Model Specifications

Download the MODEL SPECIFICATIONS (Word format):

Precast Concrete Pavers

-Precast Concrete Pavers (generic)

- Aquapave Permeable Pavers Specifications

Precast Concrete Slabs

-Precast Concrete Slabs (generic – Versaille Slabs)

-Concrete Paving Slabs on Roof Plaza Deck (Smartcast Reflect & Smartcast Diamond Roof Slabs)

Retaining Walls

-Segmental Retaining Walls (Keystone Wall (Quebec)Keystone Wall (Ontario))

-Segmental Retaining Wall (Grande Wall – Gravity)

-Segmental Retaining Wall (Grande Wall- Reinforced)


-Architectural Masonry : NOBLE Architectural Serie and split or smoot face architectural blocks.

-Random Ashlar Bond Stone Masonry Units

Tandem Wall Estimation Chart

Tandem Wall Estimation Chart

Download file


Download of Permacon Catalogues



Permacon VIP Rewards Program

Consult our site

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Take advantage of all the traffic the Permacon site generates by appearing in our landscape contractor section. Complete the attached document.

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